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Booking Aida Vee

If you’re interested in booking Aida Vee as an artist through Aida Vee Ventures Inc., please take a moment to review our Artist’s Term of Service. This document outlines the terms and conditions that govern the use of our services as a performing artist. By proceeding with the booking process, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these terms.


Deposit and balance:

A deposit of at least 50% is required for all bookings at time of contract agreement. Purchaser agrees to make full and final payment of the balance due under this contract on the day of the event. Failure to pay the balance on time will result in a $250 follow-up fee.



Purchaser agrees to provide Aida Vee Ventures Inc. written notification to be received not less than ten days prior to the performance date in the event of cancellation. If Aida Vee Ventures Inc. receives timely notice of cancellation, a refund of 50% deposit amount, less any reasonable, actual expenses already incurred by Aida Vee Ventures Inc. for the performance, shall be returned to the Purchaser within five days of the receipt of the notice. If the event cancellation is within ten days of the event, the deposit amount of up to $0 shall be returned to the Purchaser.


Loss for Non-Performance:

Aida Vee Ventures Inc. assumes no liability for non-performance for reasons outside of his direct and immediate control, including, but not limited to unforeseen acts of God and nature, accidents, acts of law enforcement authorities, or any other legitimate conditions beyond control. In the event that performance is made impossible due to such an occurrence, Aida Vee Music Inc. reserves the right to subcontract to partner artist providers who are deemed competent to represent Aida Vee. Purchaser agrees that in all circumstances, Vee Ventures Inc.’s liability shall be exclusively limited to an amount equal to the performance fee (above). Aida Vee Music Inc. shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of contract. All deposits are non-refundable if canceled within 10 days of the event unless Aida Vee Music cancels the engagement.



Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Aida Vee Ventures Inc. from and against all losses, liabilities, claims, demands, causes of action, damages, costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and expenses of every kind and nature, whether or not covered by insurance, arising out of, resulting from or caused by, in whole or in part, any act, omission, negligence or fault of Purchaser, its agents or employees in connection with this contract, including but not limited to, those in connection with loss of life, bodily injury, personal injury, damage to property, any liability for fines, fees or penalties for violations of any statutes, ordinances, codes, rules or regulations.  This obligation to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Aida Vee Ventures Inc. shall survive termination of this Agreement.



It is hereby further agreed that the Purchaser shall be held liable for any injury or damages to Aida Vee Ventures Inc., and/or property, equipment, and performers of Aida Vee Ventures Inc. (i.e. lighting equipment, sound equipment, wiring, media), while on the premises of said engagement, if damage is caused by Purchaser or guest, members of his organization, engagement invitees, employees, or any other party in attendance, whether invited or not.



In the event of circumstances deemed to present a threat or implied threat of injury or harm to Aida Vee Ventures Inc.’s staff, any equipment, or performers, Aida Vee Ventures Inc. reserves the right to cease performance. If the Purchaser is able to resolve the threatening situation in a reasonable amount of time (maximum of 15 minutes), Aida Vee Ventures Inc. shall resume performance in accordance with the original terms of this agreement. Purchaser shall be responsible for payment in full, regardless of whether or not the situation is resolved or whether or not Aida Vee Ventures Inc. resumes performance. In order to prevent equipment damage or liability arising from accidental injury to any individual attending this performance, Aida Vee Inc. reserves the right to deny any guest access to the sound system, music recordings, or other equipment.


Inclement Weather:

It is understood that if this is a “Rain or Shine” event, Aida Vee Ventures Inc.’s compensation is in no way affected by inclement weather. For outdoor performances, the purchaser shall provide overhead shelter for the setup area. Aida Vee Ventures Inc. reserves the right, in good faith, to stop or cancel the performance should the weather pose a potential danger to him, the equipment, or the audience. Every effort will be made to continue the performance. However, safety is paramount in all decisions. Aida Vee Ventures Inc.  Compensation will not be affected by such cancellation.


Required Materials/Equipment:

Purchaser shall ensure that the sound is checked and the stage is safe for the performer before the performance. All the stage equipment shall be provided by the purchaser before the performance.


Photos and Videos:

All photos and videos taken by Aida Vee Ventures Inc. during the event are the property of Aida Vee Ventures Inc. and can be used by the purchaser for promotional purposes.


Accommodation and Transportation:

For all engagements outside of Aida Vee Ventures Inc.’s domicile State of Massachusetts, the Purchaser will be responsible for acquiring and/or securing suitable and necessary transportation and accommodation for the Performer.

This contract shall be deemed formal and binding upon signature by an officer of the organizing party and the representing party and shall be construed under the laws of the United States of America, with all and any disputes being settled by the court of Massachusetts, United States of America. Any changes must be written and signed by both the Purchaser and Aida Vee Ventures Inc. Oral agreements are non-binding. If any clause in this agreement is found to be illegal, the rest of the agreement shall remain in force.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at bookings@aidavee.com

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